About Us

YourDS helps everyone become knowledgeable about the dietary supplements in the market in order to find the right ones for them.

There are tens and thousands of dietary supplements in the market, and move than 50% of people in the US take dietary supplements regularly. Yet the supplements products have suffered from inconsistent labeling and insufficient information about nutritional values and potential side effects.

YourDS uses ML and AI to organize the science-based data from NIH and leading research organizations to make it easy for anyone to understand the facts of each product, including ingredients, nutritional facts, and drug interactions. YourDS provides personalized suggestions on products based on possible deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals. YourDS also makes it easy for anyone to find a certified dietitian in their states and book a consultation session a dietitian.

We are interested in your suggestions to help us improve the product. Please send your comments to us at info@trec.io.


Team YourDS